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Folkestone Invicta
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The Buildkent  Stadium

Address: Cheriton Road, Folkestone, CT19 5JU

Capacity: 4,000

Seated: 336

Floodlights: Yes

Welcome to the BuildKent  Stadium, home of Folkestone Invicta Football Club. We hope you enjoy your visit. Below is a guide to help visitors find their way around the ground.


"BAR INVICTA" Bars (2): Located by the main turnstiles and car park on Cheriton Road.

 Invicta bottle Bar & Suite Located on the right of the Fullicks Open Terrace  - Above the dressing rooms and adjoining the boardroom and club offices.

FIFC Club Shop: Located to the left of the Fullicks open terrace

Entrances: The main entrance and parking is located on Cheriton Road, alongside Stripes Social Club, with the second through the Sid Burvill Gates (close to Morrisons)..There is also ample parking also by this turnstile.

Toilets: Public toilets, just inside the Sid Burvill Gates. There are also toilets adjacent to the club shop and of course, in each of the Stripes Club Bars and The Wilf Armory (Invicta bottle) Bar.

Tea Bars/Refreshments (2):: Adjacent to the main Stripes Bar and close to the dressing rooms.

The Open Terrace

Those who have been to our ground in the past will remember the main seating stand  - a massive 900-seater named after Folkestone legend. the late Wilf Armory. That buiding was damaged irreparably by gales over the Christmas and New Year period 2013/14, and subsequently demolished in the summer of 2014 when 336 seats were transferred to the Brian Merryman Stand - fondly previously known as The Grandads' Stand - on the opposite side of the pitch, close to the Indoor Bowls Centre,

Wilf Armory first became a Folkestone player in May 1934. He played in the first team until the 1939/40 season when war broke out. During the war he and five others were asked to form the Folkestone Wartime Football Club. From the start of the 1941/42 season the side included many top class players who were stationed at Shorncliffe, Deal and Hawkinge. After the war, in 1946, following the reformation of the Folkestone Town Football Club, Wilf signed on as Player/Manager. He became a director in 1959 and in 1970 was awarded a testimonial. Wilf continued to be actively involved with the club until its demise at the end of 1990. Following the rise of Folkestone Invicta to Senior Status and entry into the Kent League, Wilf was invited to become a President of his adopted home town club, a position he held until his death in December 1996.

The Wilmoths Citroen End

The stadium's old  uncovered terrace has now been renamed the Wilmoths Citroen End after one of our newer sponsors.  This terrace backs onto Folkestone Cricket Ground (recently renovated as part of the Three Hills Sport Facility) and provides a great viewing point from behind the goal, especially through the summer months. This terrace is closest to the players' tunnel, the Sid Burvill Entrance and the main toilets located just inside the entrance.                                 

The Brian Merryman Stand

Once known to just about everyone as  'The Grandads Stand', but renamed in honour of the club's longest serving diirector Brian Merryman, this is now the seated stand with room for 336 supporters. The changeover occurred in the summer of 2014 following demolition of the storm-damaged Wilf Armory Stand on the opposite side of the playing area..

The views from this stand are excellent as it is located centrally on the halfway line, and also a great place to take in the atmosphere from around the rest of the stadium.

The rolling North Downs can be seen from this stand.and they provide a new background for photographers snapping up the highlights of the action at the Fullicks Stadium.

Brian Merryman has followed the team since he was 12-years-old and has since been a big supporter and financial backer of the club.

Brian said: "When I was younger I used to frequent that stand at every home game" adding extra sentiment to the renaming of this structure.

The Remland (Cheriton End) Stand

Named after a valued club sponsor, Remland Carpets, the 'shed' stand is located at the Cheriton end of the stadium. Its long, low covered terrace stretches the entire width of the pitch, and the acoustics create a fantastic echo for match day noise. This is the diehard fans' favourite and creates the most noise and atmosphere. The buidling is located close to Stripes Club and the main turnstile, and near one of refreshment bars. A pint and a burger are never too far away!

*Photos courtesy Don Linkin

Ground Regulations

1. All persons entering the ground are subject to these regulations and do so at their own risk.

2. The Club reserves the right to eject or ban or prosecute any person guilty of the following:

       a} Entering the field of play before, during or after the game.

       b} Using obscene or abusive language, persistent swearing.

       c} Being drunk or under the influence of drugs.

       d} Making vulgar gestures.

       e} Making racial or other forms of abuse.

       f} Interfering with the comfort, enjoyment or safety of others.

       g} Impeding with the normal activites of the club and its officers.

        h} Bringing the club into disrepute by any means.

3. Furthermore the following are strictly forbidden:

        a}The consumption of alcohol in bottles, glasses & metal cans within the stands, terraces & other open areas of the ground.

         b}The climbing up or onto floodlights, stands, buildings, roof and struchures.

         c}The throwing of any missiles, objects or projectiles.

         d} The blocking of walkways & pedestrian routes by any means.

         e}The playing of ball games adjacent to all buildings and/or areas populated by vistitors to the ground.

         f} Allowing any animal to roam off the leash within the emergency area adjacent to the Stripes Club gateway/bowls club entrance.

4. All vehicles parked within the Clubs designated boundaries are parked at owners risk. There is no designated football only parking adjacent to the ground.

5. The Board of Directors reserve the right to alter/amend/update these regulations as necessary & will inform all concerned through the normal avenues.