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Folkestone Invicta
0 vs 0

Hastings United

Isthmian Premier Division

Tue 16th Aug 2022

Kick off - 19:45

Folkestone Invicta
0 vs 0

Wingate & F

Isthmian Premier Division

Sat 20th Aug 2022

Kick off - 15:00

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Enfield T.
1 vs 1

Folkestone Invicta

Isthmian Premier Division

Sat 13th Aug 2022

Full time

Folkestone Invicta
4 vs 2

Ashford Utd.


Sun 7th Aug 2022

Full time

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Total raised from supporters

  • £20,500
  • £21,000
  • £21,500
  • £22,000

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Invitation to apply for new shares of Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd. (the Company)

Share Offer of 800 Ordinary Shares of £50 each (£40000).

The content of this offer has not been approved by an authorised person within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Reliance on this offer for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested.

 Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd. is seeking to raise additional capital by issuing new ordinary shares.

The company’s proposed allotment is 800 new ordinary shares of £50.00 each. These are to be issued at a price of £50.00 each fully paid.

If you are an existing shareholder, the company’s constitution gives you the right to apply for some of these shares based on your current shareholding. The object of this is to protect the rights of existing shareholders, in maintaining the percentage they currently own of the company. If they choose not to subscribe to the number of shares they are entitled to, they still retain their existing shares, but the percentage they own of the company will be diluted. 28 days after notice is sent to existing shareholders, that right expires, and shares can be offered to other persons, being supporters, sponsors, Directors and others with an interest in Folkestone Invicta F.C. This is not a share offer for shares to be sold to the general public or traded.

This is not an investment opportunity. Your shares will not have a monetary value nor will they acquire any in the future. You will not receive dividend payments on your shares. There will be no financial gain whatsoever. As a supporter and friend of Folkestone Invicta F.C., you will be purchasing a share or shares in Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd., t/as Folkestone Invicta F.C., to have a voice and to assist financially in securing your club’s future.

If you are in any doubt as to what you should do, you should seek independent financial advice from your Stockbroker Banker Solicitor Accountant or any person authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd., t/as Folkestone Invicta F.C. is a semi-professional football club, currently playing in the Ryman Isthmian League. The company/club has 116 shareholders, and is largely owned by supporters and friends of the club. There is one significant shareholder owning 32% of the issued share capital, and two owning just over 5% one of which is the Folkestone Invicta F.C. Supporters Club.

The club wishes to retain and grow such a widespread ownership, and not rely on one single benefactor, which can often be transitory in football. To retain and enhance that business model, the club is seeking to raise capital to:

1. Ensure that Folkestone Invicta F.C. retains a widespread ownership.

2. To obtain quotes for and facilitate a refurbishment of Stripes.

3. To continue our review of Health & Safety procedures, safety lighting and similar, and implement as necessary.

4. To provide an emergency fund for unforeseen expense such as our main stand being blown away, and for ground improvements.

5. General expenses

. Application forms will be available and circulated to existing shareholders shortly, and contain further information as to how to subscribe. No prospectus will be issued.

Issued by the Board of Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd. on 17th March 2016. (Company information over the page).

Company Information

            Name of Company:                  Folkestone Invicta F.C. Limited

                                          Registered in England & Wales: 29th June, 2001

                                                     Registration Number: 4243803

             Registered Address:                   The Fullicks Stadium

                                                              Cheriton Road Sports

                                                              Ground Cheriton Road


                                                                 Kent CT195JU

             Issued Share Capital:       1684 Shares of £50 each (£84,200)

              Directors:                                          Neil Cugley

                                                                     David Darlow

                                                                      Robert Dix

                                                                     Clifford Egan

                                                                   Brian Merryman

                                                                    Paul Morgan

                                                                  James Pellatt

                 Company Secretary:                   Neil Pilcher

                 Bankers:                                HSBC Bank Ltd

                                                               41 Sandgate Road


Copies of Folkestone Invicta F.C. Ltd.’s latest Accounts and Annual Return or other information filed at Companies House can be obtained online at www.companieshouse.gov.uk/info/, or by writing to the Registered Office as above.